Precious Daria And Timmy

July 8,2014

 Daria was found on our front lawn all alone at 6 weeks old.

We brought her in the house, and put her in our spare bathroom (nursery) She was so friendly.

 In a few days we took her to the vet. After all the kitty tests, she was pronounced healthy.


Daria 6 wks



Daria 3 months



Daria 4 months


Daria 5 months

Daria's brother Timmy

Timmy showed up a few months later and loved playing in the back yard,

 so we fixed him a shelter with a nice cat heating pad. He has been here ever since

and is a very happy boy. 

A winter shelter for Timmy


Inside his shelter with his little catnip pillow

Early spring Timmy started coming into the back porch, so we put a heated bed on the glider

 and it wasn't long before he decided to join the other kitties in the house.

 By the time winter came  he was a full time indoor kitty and so far doesn't want to go outside.


What a contented Kitty

Jan 11,2016