Little Mia, now Tabitha
Born April 1, 2008

Little Mia is Yellow Hat and Big Daddys baby

One day after Yellow Hat had Little Mia, (Tabitha) she didn't come around where the baby was  for 24 hours ( we think she was trapped in some ones garage).  So Toni, a cat from her other litter came bringing the kitten to where they are fed. She must have thought some thing happened to Yellow hat and the kitten was probably crying a lot, she was only 25 days old. We saw the kitten and not knowing where Yellow Hat was, brought her into the house and fed her . Yellow Hat eventually showed up but we decided to keep the kitten in the house so she would be socialized, and safe. She was brought into the house on April 25th.


Big Daddy and Yellow Hat


    25 days old -- 11 ounces

27 days old--14 ounces


Visit to the Vets ( April 29, 2008) today, had a good check over and Doc says she is healthy and fine.
Mia will start kitten shots soon. Weighed 15.1 at the Vets.

Mia May 3rd- 19 0z  1 month 3 days


    May 3rd- 19 0z  1 month 3 days

May 14- 1 month 14 days

Little Mia has been adopted out to a great home , we will miss her.