Our Feral Kitties

These are pictures of our poor homeless ferals that feed at our feeding station. Some of them have been eating here for years. We have a heated box for them under our porch in the winter. Sometimes there are three cats in the box on very cold nights. We trap, neuter, and spay all our ferals. Most we release but some we keep in the house as ours. So many of them are sick with bad eyes, we put medicine from the vet in their food but they need so much more.  Yellow Hat has finally been spayed. No more kittens!  If you would like to see them in real life, check out our Kitty Cam on navigation page.

Yellow Hat and Twinkle


Yellow Hat-spring 2008                        Yellow Hat -summer 2008

Yellow Hat Spring 2008



Yellow Hat December 2010


    In Memory of   Bootzie  

Aug 2010


Bootzie getting Kiss from Yellow Hat



In Loving Memory of Twinkle

Twinkles video





Twinkle-~2007 to Oct 25, 2012





In Loving Memory of Toni

 9 months old

June 30, 2008

Yellow Hat and Twinkle

This is ghost Kitty 2-13-09


This is Rosey 2-15 09

Found out Rosey is a boy,
Oct 2009

We still call him Rosy, the name has stuck! Oct 2009

Sweet Little Hamilton  5-31-2011


Twinkle 2011


In memory of Twinkle

Twinkle went to sleep with the Grandfather Bonker