Help for you

This is how you put a Pet or Breed into your game from an email!

Go back to the email that has the attachment--click on the paper clip--now click on Save Attachments , its under the petz name, now click browse--scroll up till you see C drive, now scroll down till you find Program files-click on it--scroll down till you find Ubi Soft, click on it, now keep scrolling down to Studio Mythos--click on Petz 5, or if you don't have both it will say dogz or cat 5 , now scroll till you see adoption, click on it, now on the box all this is in, click ok and then at the top of the box say save! Your pet should be in your game. Open your game and see if he's there. 

Now if you don't have the breed in your game also he still won't come out. You do the same thing over again--only instead of putting the breed in the adopt folder you want to click on Resource and then click on the catz folder and save it into that folder or if it needs to be in the dog folder than its Resource/dogz. It seems very confusing now but after a few times it becomes very easy. Good luck