Toby's Diary" 

January 2004- August 8, 2013


January 2004

We have a little cat living under our back porch.  She is known in the neighborhood as Cartoon.  She came around the 20th of January. †She seems to be wanting shelter and she looks very sad, so we have been feeding her warm milk and turkey to help her survive. After she came back a couple of days we put a box filled with newspaper and a blanket and she has been sleeping in it every night.  She looks very much like Bonker but she is black and white,†where as Bonker is dark gray and white.  She appears to be about 3 years old.  There is a window in the basement that we feed her though as at first she ran away when we opened it, until she smelled the food we left her.  Every day she began to trust us more and more and now we can pet her head a little.  Bonker isn't to crazy about her but is getting use to her slowly---very slowly-- LOL, Bonker came to us in much the same way.  He is now almost 18 years old.†  She may become use to us outside and maybe we can get her to come in on the porch.  When the weather gets nice I'll start leaving the food on the porch steps and gradually move it closer and closer inside the porch.  She is an outdoor cat though and I don't think she would be happy if we made her stay in all the time.  If she wants to stay with us, she will never endure freezing temperatures again.. So we'll see what will come of this little cat.

February 2004

Cartoon has never been inside a house that I am aware of.  This morning we talked her over to us, picked her up and brought her inside.  She cried a little but then enjoyed being petted and laid right down by me and purred and purred.  She was still scared, you could tell, but she soon settled down.  We only kept her in for a while and then let her go out.  I'm trying to get her to come in because its way below freezing here every night and I feel so bad for her.  We put a real puffy blanket in her box the other day and she really loves it.  If we keep bringing her in every day for a little while maybe she will get used to us and come in on her own.  Her and Bonker seem to be getting used to each other.  She smacked him in the nose the other day, and he's not bothered her since.  LOL.  Time will tell.

February 15th

Tonight in Michigan, it is going to be 10 below zero, and I just can't stand the thought of this little cat having to endure this awful weather. So we fixed a box and a litter pan in the basement and brought her in for the night.  She seems to settle right down and snuggles up to you if you sit down on the floor with her.  We left her some nice warm milk and Grill mix food.  I stayed down stairs with her for an hour or so and she seemed quite content--until I went upstairs--then she started crying.  She cries for awhile and then rests, and cries again.  Each time its longer between cries.  It might be a long night for her--but it will be a warm one !

February 23rd

The other day Cartoon was coming back from her walk and we didn't know she was gone so we let Bonker out--and sure enough at exactly the same moment--here comes Cartoon around the corner.  Bonk stood in the doorway--as if saying "don't get any bright ideas of coming in here" but didn't really move towards her--but Cartoon went racing across the yard.  Bonk just went out and did his what ever and soon returned.  By that time it was lunch time so of course he got one of his 6 meals a day LOL and I looked down the stairs and their was Cartoon--looking up at us saying don't forget me--I'm here!!!  Its funny --if she stays in her box under the porch, he can walk right up to her and smell her and she just makes a funny noise- and he walks away and leaves her alone as if --ok thatís where you belong ---and turns around and comes back in the house for one of his many naps!!! 

February 25th

Update on Cartoon--my granddaughter brought a girl over to our house to see if this was her cat.  We had been calling her Cartoon because thats what the neighborhood kids called her.  Well anyway she took a good look and said it wasn't her cat, so now we have a kitty that nobody has a clue where it came from.  Day by day we are getting more attached to her.  She gets lots of hugs and petting every day and when we open the basement door we can see her little fuzzy face looking up the steps (the window is at the bottom of the steps) so when its feeding time she's right there looking up and dancing around in excitement. She is so precious and grateful for her meal.  She has the nicest manners, before she eats she always looks at us and rubs her head on our hands as if it say Thank YOU, I'm grateful !!! She melts our hearts.  So step by step we are trying to get her use to the smells by bringing her in and letting her smell around.  She is very nervous though and can't wait to get back outside.  Well, now we have the challenge of deciding on a new name since finding out she is not Cartoon.

Not feeling good

March 3rd

We are making slow but steady head way with Gloria (Cartoon). We have decided to call her "Gloria", and fuzzy face for short!  LOL She is starting to trust us a little more all the time. Now and then she will come in on the porch and let us hold her for a little while, but keeps an eye on the open door. The other day we got a big surprise -- we looked out our backdoor onto the porch and there she was looking up at us!  When we slowly opened the door she made a mad dash outside, but we kept calling her and very soon she came back.  We sat on the floor and she just rubbed and rubbed on us, as if to say "I really like you guys - but" so she comes and goes at her leisure and we just enjoy her when she's here.

This morning she wasn't in her box waiting for breakfast--so we looked outside and saw her across the street.  I opened the door and called to her and she sat there looking back Meowing--I could see her mouth moving but she just sat there.  Then all of a sudden she came running at a pretty good trot --and came right over towards this side of the street --so I stepped down from the front porch and Whoaaaa--she turned and ran back across the street.

I just said, ok --and went in the house.  In a few minutes we checked and there she was outside the basement window in her "feed me" spot. LOL We are just wonderful when she is outside and we are lower than her in the basement window, I think she feels safe there, and we have always been kind to her -- she is very content. 

So as this story continues, we will keep making progress ever so slowly --but always forward!!!

 Feeling better

March 12th

Well today was a big step forward for Gloria. She has been coming up on the porch and just looking around and watching for us to come to the door. Then she meows as if she wants in. When ever we'd open the door she'd run away. Bonker was sound asleep in our bedroom so I quietly closed the bedroom door. And went to the backdoor where Gloria still was. I very quietly opened the door and quickly started calling her and saying its ok and such. --she turned around and started coming back so I stepped away from the door and sat down on the kitchen floor. See looked and smelled and slowly --very slowly-- began to come to me . She kept looking back to make sure the door was still open. I just sat there talking to her and pretty soon she was all the way in the kitchen. I petted her and rubbed her tummy and let her know she could still go back out.

We stayed real close for a while and then she spotted Bonkey's  food dish. Slowly, everything's always very slowly, LOL, she crept over to the dish, looked around in all directions and started eating a few nibbles. Then she'd walk out, and back in, and back out, and then stayed with me, so I slowly pushed the door shut. I wanted her to know where her food comes from so I quietly got up and got her some food and put it in the micro wave, of which she is use to the sound of just before she always gets her food. She just watched me and when it was ready I put it on the floor and sat down next to it. The time that has passed is about 20 minutes. She walked over and ate her food and then washed her pretty little face.

I just let her walk around and get use to the smells of us and Bonker. Then she decided it was time to go back outside. She went out, but only on the porch, she decided to jump up on the lounge chair and relax a bit.

Mean while Bonker wakes up and opens the bedroom door, which he's very good at LOL, and comes strolling out into the kitchen, WHOAAAAA!!!!! What's THAT smell !!!!! He starts smelling the air--the floor--the rugs, everywhere she had been . He wanted to go out the back door, which is what he's use to, but she was still on the porch, so I decided to let him out the front door. Which I did. I watched out the windows to see what he did, and of course he did just what I thought he'd do. He began to walk around to the back door,  stopping to smell every bush on the way LOL. I ran from window to window watching him closely, and when he turned to go in the back yard I ran to the porch and watch them. 
Gloria had see him come around the corner and jumped down on the floor and ran to the door, but didn't go out! Bonker on the other hand looks and thinks " what are you doing on my porch !" but just slowly walks up to her -nose to nose- and she starts to howl just a little bit but doesn't move. I was afraid at that point, so I opened the door and started talking to both of them. Bonker looked at me and then back to her --and then just very carefully walks right by her . Once he was past her she shot back under the porch where her haven is . 

Soooo, I think we have taken this to the next level !!!!  Carolyn tells us, time and patience is what it is going to take, ( if anybody understands cats it's Carolyn)  but I believe we are really making progress now!  I will keep you posted on the next update. 


 Having a snack and rest
hmmm, much nicer in here !!


Well, we have a news bulletin for you! 
You'll never guess what---We found out this weekend that GLORIA IS A ---BOY---!!!! With all the winter fur he had we really didn't know for sure, but yesterday we found out for sure --he's a he !!! LOL 
So now we have to think of a boy name. When he first came around everyone thought he was Cartoon so we started referring to him as a HER, bet he didn't like that !!! So we'll have to decide soon and break that habit of calling him sweet girl ! lol I hate changing  his name again, but we are just as surprise as everyone else will be. I guess I better take Gloria off the page LOL. Shoot ! I liked that name too . lol

Well things are going along better each day, they are starting to pass each other more often each day. Yesterday He was up on a chair right by the door and Bonker walked right by him and sat by the door to come in. They just looked at each other but did nothing whewwww . 
Day by day !!!!

March 18th

Well I think we have decided on a permanent name for our little under the porch cat. After all the name changing due to identity and gender, I think we have it all straightened out. After lots of suggestions and voting we have come to agreement we will call him "
Toby" . Now unless something weird happens like Toby has kittens or something like that , we will call him Toby--sweet boy and precious boy-- and of course Jerry's favorite " Fuzzy Face " !!! 

Toby is getting braver and braver all the time. Now when we open the back door he's right there and shoots right in and starts to check every thing out. Just in case Bonker has not finished his dinner. 
We have a gate between the living room and dinning room and they can see and watch each other, but can't get to each other. Toby is still very nervous in the house, but if Bonkers sleeping or outside he seems better. At first we never let them see each other inside the house, but now since they are getting ok outside we feel its time to let Toby know that Bonker is inside also. So about 3 times a day I bring Toby in and let them talk to each other . And then out he goes. He spends twice as much time on the back porch now than he first did. Wish I had a crystal ball I could look into and see how long and if they become buddies. 

Toby, sleeping on the back porch

March 20th

    We are becoming very hopeful that things will work out for our two boys. Toby is now spending more and more time up on the back porch. When he sees us looking out the back door he jumps down and runs to the back door and when we open it, instead of running away --he runs IN the house!  He is starting to eat occasional  meals in the kitchen now instead of under the porch.  
    Today was a wonderful break through--Jerry was sitting at my computer working on it and holding a sleeping Bonker.  I opened the back door and in ran Toby.  After he smelled around a bit I walk into the computer/playroom LOL and sat down.  After a short time, Toby comes slowly into the room.  Bonker wakes up and starts to smell the air!  Looks around at Toby and then Toby walks up to him and looks up at Bonker and says something like MEEEEOWWWWWAAAAAAA and Bonker answers  GRRRRoOOOWWWLLL --and turns around on Jerry's lap and goes back to sleep!  Toby doesn't get to upset and starts snooping around the room, goes out in the kitchen and comes back and lays down by me and starts to take a bath!  Both boys were in the same room and didn't seem to cause a stir!  This went on for a half hour or so and then Toby wanted  on the porch..  He jumped up on Bonkers favorite chair and went fast to sleep, (picture above). 
We are crossing many bridges, day after day, and Toby is starting to become a member of the family! 


Tonight Toby was in the kitchen and Bonker woke up and walked in the kitchen and watched Toby for awhile and then laid down on the rug, Toby laid down on his rug and they just stared at each other. Then Toby got up and turned around and put his back to Bonker, as if it say, I'm not going to bother you. Were getting their Carolyn--ever so slowly, but everyday is a little bit more time spent in the house before he thinks he has to go out. I think if Bonker wasn't here Toby would have moved in already LOL-- But the Bonker problem is taking Toby more time to adjust. 
Were pretty sure its going to work now though, its just going to have to be at their own pace. 
The picture shows that they are in the same room, but with a respectable distant!! 

Bonker and Toby in same room (first time)


March 30th
       Here are some pictures to show how our two boys are learning to be in the same room with each other. 
They now will lay down in the same room and just look at each other. We still leave the porch door open a little so Toby feels he can still get away fast if he thinks he has to. We keep them separate at eating time, that day will come we hope soon, when they both feel comfortable enough to eat in the same room. We never force any situation, we always let them take it at there own pace. Yesterday they were both outside and we looked out the door to check on them and Bonker was curled up in his favorite chair and Toby was laying on one of his favorite spots. Both in the porch at the same time !!!! we were so  pleased . We always keep the camera handy to get a quick picture. 

Toby on Bench inside porch                    Outside porch in summer  

      After a little while, Jerry quietly walked out on the porch and started petting Bonker. Toby decided he wanted some lovin too, he jumps down off the bench and lays down next to Bonker and Jerry. Now Jerry is petting them both at the same time! What a step forward. They are moving along steadily and always forward, but Toby still retreats to his box under the porch if anyone or any noise comes along. He is such a skittish kitty. It will take lots of love and patience for Toby to over come his frightfulness. We believe he has been abused when he was young, for he is just so scared of everybody but us. 
Their may be some nose smacking and mean looks coming yet, but We will continue to love him and someday he will forget the past and feel very much at home here as Bonker does. 

Toby and Papa                                          Papa, Toby and Bonkey  



Today is a sad day as we lost our precious dear friend of 18 years. 

In Loving Memory of Precious Bonker
You will always live in our hearts !!

June 4, 1986 c- April 5, 2004


April 13 th

Toby is becoming more lovey all the time, he comes in for all of his meals now and jumps up on our lap for some petting when were at the computer. He sits on my lap and watches the pets on the screen. Of course while he's getting petted. I think in time he will be fine. He's still nervous in the house but getting better all the time.  As long as we don't move around to much he's ok. He's very alert though to any sounds in the house. He spends most of his outside time on the bench on the back porch. I think now that Precious Bonker is no longer here Toby is not as threatened and seems to be relaxing more. We were so use to Bonker not hearing much that we can't believe how much Toby can hear. Each day is better for Toby as he takes his own place in our hearts. Never to replace Bonker--because he's NOT Bonker--he's TOBY !!
And we have lots of love to give him .


April 25th
Well I must say Toby has come a long way. He wants to come in the house now all of the time
He eats his meals in the the kitchen and has started a regular routine that goes as such. First thing in the morning he come in and walks around the kitchen looking for me, when he can't see me he runs down the hall jumps up on the bed and starts rubbing his head all over me. Then if I don't get right up he lays down next to me and waits until I make a move and then he's all over me again. LOL When I get up he stays right next to me as we walk down the hall and through the living room and into the kitchen. Toby gets breakfast before anybody else. Then when he's finished he goes outside for a little while and we have ours. About a half hour later he's back meowing at the door and in he comes. While Jerry gets ready for work Toby jumps up on my lap and gets his morning loving time. Its very quite here and he doesn't seem to be afraid in my arms. Then he jumps down and plays with whatever he can find. Then he wants back out. He comes in and out through the day and then around 4 or 5 pm he wants more to eat. After dinner he retires to the warm sunny porch and stays there for a while. Then he takes off for a few hours and does his rounds of the neighborhood. Around 10 pm he returns for his night snack and hugging time and then back out until morning. This is the routine he is setting for himself everyday. Times inside the house are getting longer and longer each visit. Toby gets an abundance of love and affection each day and I know this little fellow is here to stay !!! Our goal is by cold weather he will be spending the nights inside the house. 

~~~~~Toby is with us in his forever home,
 with much love and happiness forever ~~~~~

June10, 2004

    Just to let you know how our dear Toby is doing. He seems to be very happy here and come's in often during the day for affection and snacks. Day by day he gets a little closer to Gloria and Maggie. One day Gloria is more patient and then the next day its Maggie. They still spit and hiss but no fights. Of course we are always right there to make sure things don't get out of hand. It will take some time yet, but we are confident they will be ok.

Toby's new Sisters 

July 7th, 2004

Toby is becoming more tolerant of the girls and sometimes when the mood is just right they will just lay down and watch each other. I can't say they actually like each other but at least they can stay in the same room, for a little while anyway. Toby still prefers the great outdoors and that's ok until our cold Michigan winters come, then he will have to stay in at least at night and when ever we get bad snow storms in the day.

Maggie and Toby resting on the back porch                       Toby and Dora                     

  Hey, let me in--it's raining 

Toby is in the house 90% of the time now.


In Loving Memory

Toby went to the rainbow bridge on August 8, 2013