How to add new petz, breedz and Play Scenes to your game

  This tutorial is written for Microsoft Windows OS, 
and may not work if you are using other operating  systems.
 I am writing this to help
 those people who are using the same system as me. 

This is how you put them in the game
if someone emails you a pet.

  • First click on the paper clip in the right side of your email. It will open up a box with your pet file in it, and at the bottom of the box it says " save attachment" Click on that and then click on browse, look through your windows explorer  until you find My Computer, click on that!

  • Then scroll down till you find C Drive, click on that

  • Keep scrolling down till you come to Program Files-click

  • Look for Ubi Soft-click on it

  • Then look for Studio Mythos~ click on that

  • Then Petz 5-click

  • Then look for the folder called "adopted Petz"

  • When you get to your adoption folder , say ok at the bottom of the box and then SAVE at the top of the box.

  • Your pet should be in the folder and if you have the breed it needs it will come out to play in a play scene.

  • If you need a breed for your pet , just scroll down till you find Resource click on that, then look for either the cat or the dog folder and that is where you put the breed file for the petz. Dogz breedz go into the Resource/ dogz folder and Catz go into Resource/ Catz folder.  Play scenes go in to Resource / area.   Be sure to unzip them if they are in a zip format. Be sure to watch and make sure when you unzip something that it is going into the correct folder you want it to, and not the last folder someone used!