A big Thank You for all the nice opinions and beautiful awards


OPINIONS :   I love your site, by the way, and am flattered
 that you like some of my breedz that much :-)

Reviewed by Destiny: A

Reviewed by Affectionately Yours:  Phenomenal 109 points. 

Reviewed by MK&C:

So to sum it up it's a WONDERFUL site with lots of things to do. You hardly ever find so much stuff like on your site. Great site! Keep up your wonderful site! I also book marked you.  Firebird ;-)

Opinions:   Ratqueen

I'm not surprised you have so many entries in your shows every time: your site is the very best Petz show site there is! :) I love the fact that you judge on a regular basis and give people a good chance to win by splitting the shows -- I'm sure everyone appreciates your effort and the great way you run your shows! I just wish more sites would take example on you in that matter...Ratqueen Kennel and Cattery

Opinion:  Sondra's Petz

Attached is your award and I must say you have a great
site. You should enter it in the Golden Elite Web Site
.  Sondra


Opinion: Sue's Petz Boardwalk

I think your site is wonderful! It's lively, full of fun and tastefully done, in my opinion.  Smiles:) Sue