Breedz For Catz 4 and 5 

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Here are some fun breeds made by our friendly neighborhood creators   Carolyn Creations, and APKC .  They have worked very hard to bring us more enjoyment from our game. We Thank them and appreciate all their hard work for us.

Converted breeds from Petz5 down to Petz 4
Thank you Carolyn !!!

Desert Lynx
Egyptian Mau
Honey Bear
Japanese Bobtail
Scottish Fold


Bengal Spot - 4 
Bengal spot   -5 
Oriental Ginger & White 4;
Oriental Ginger & White -5


Color-point coon - 4 Rag Doll - 4
 Rag Doll - 5

Prize Coon -4
 Prize Coon - 5

Abyssinian-4 Abyssinian-5

Wh. Longhaired Alley-4


Gingerbread -4 
Gingerbread -5

             Long Grey haired--4
               Long grey haired--5

Ginger and white Tabby---4
Ginger and white Tabby--5

British ginger & white 4
 British ginger & white 5


Made by Lizzy S
Leopard coons 4
 Leopard coons 5
Bk Maine Coon (Winged)   5



Hurray!  you have found BooBoo Click on Boo Boo and take your award. Just right click and save your award.