Our Sweet Little Finkle
October 6, 2006

Little Finkle came to us in the same way most of the others arrived.  Under our back porch for food.  We don't think she was a stray because the second time we saw her she came right up to us.  We tried to find her owners but with no luck, so Finkle has moved in as one of the family now and doesn't go outside anymore.  She is such a funny kitty , acts like she is a 2 month kitten , always running around chasing the other cats or playing with toys. She's so fun to watch.  The vet says she is about 2 years old. She only weighs 6 pounds



Pretty girl Finkle
Finkle is gaining weight, she is up to 8 pounds

Beautiful Finkle has filled out nicely and weighs 11 pounds.
 She's very healthy and happy.

What is that thingy I see?

What a Pretty girl !

Finkle 5 yrs.


Finkle Christmas 2010

Finkle 2011

Today December 13th 2019 is a sad day at Pineconecattery.  Finkle crossed the Rainbow bridge this evening at about 7:30