Gifts Pg. 3

Thank you everyone for these
wonderful  gifts

Thanks Titanium Thanks Kaitlin,  Thanks Dranzer
  Awww thanks Allaya Thanks Myfanwy
  Thanks Kaitlin Your an angel
Thanks Cassey Thanks Rowena thanks Lola
My sweet friend Alice Thanks sarah Another thanks Rowena
thanks Rowena Thanks Cayla Thank you Lola its very cute!!
Thanks bunches Clare Wow Lola thats a lot of work//Thanks Thanks Clare

Nelly says she like's your site THAT BIG!!!!!!!!
Thanks Clare!! Thanks Clare, your sweet Sweet Clare
Thanks clare!! From sammi thanks Thank you Kaitlin!!
Thanks Michelle   Bye Clare
Happy birthday from Xanthe Bye Lola Thanks Ami
thank you Jessica Thank You Blue Nova Thank you Sarah Ter
Thank You Catherine Thanks Lola Thanks Bonnie
Thank you Blue Moon for Angel!!! Thanks Myfanwy Sweetie Alice
  Thanks Myfanwy