Gloria and Maggie
Adopted us on April 30, 2004

In Loving Memory of Maggie and Gloria

You are greatly missed little ones and your gentle sweet ways
 will always be remembered and cherished!
We Love you sweet ones !
Mommy & Daddy

Gloria 3-5-97 -  6-11-2014              
Maggie  9-23227-96  - 4-29-2010 


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                        Born 3-5-97                                         Gloria 4-14-08                   




                                                Born 9-27-96                                                                    Maggie 4-08

This is the kitty korner we made for our kitties,
 it's on the back porch where they can watch the bird feeders
 and the birds bathing in the top of the water falls in the pond.


        Quality time                                                                           Bad Mood


Our girls
drinking from their new water fountain!



Maggie  napping


 Gloria relaxing !                                                            Maggie, sleepy girl


Gloria May 2010



Gloria March 27,2011