How to Send a Petz file in the email


I have been asked many times from  people who are new to the petz game how to send a Pet  file  in the email .   This tutorial is written for Microsoft Windows OS, and may not work if you are using other operating  systems. I am writing this to help those people who are using the same system as me. 


  • First -open your email, and leave it open

  • Address it to the person you want to receive the pet.

  • There should be a small box on the bottom of your 
    screen that says New Message. 

  • Now open your windows Explorer

  • Find your C-drive, double  click on it

  • Scroll down to Programs Files-Click on it

  •  Scroll down and find Ubi Soft-double click on it

  • Scroll down to Studio Mythos-double click on it.

  • Scroll down to Petz 5, scroll down to adopted. 

  • Click on adopted petz--Scroll till you find the pet you want to send.

  • Now with your finger on the mouse button, click on the pet file and holding your finger down--drag the pet file all the way down to the bottom of your screen and into the tiny box that says New message, and still holding your finger down , wait until you see the new email box pop up in front of you--now keep holding the finger on the mouse--drag the pet file up into the email box anywhere in the box and let go of the mouse.

  • Now in a second the pet file should show up in the email address bottom line. And is ready to be sent.

  • Just type in your message and click the send button and your pet is on it's way!!

  • You may have to practice it a few times, but its easy once you get the hang of it!!

  • GOOD LUCK ! 


I hope this works for you and you have found it to be of some help. 

I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your computer,