Tutorial /  How to Zip a File

I have been asked many times from  people who are new to the petz game how to Zip a file to send in the email .   This tutorial is written for Microsoft Windows OS, and may not work if you are using other operating  systems. I am writing this to help those people who are using the same system as me.   

  • Open your windows explorer

  • Go to your pet game folders    

  • If you want to zip an adopted pet then go to the  adopted folder

  • Find the pet you want zipped and click on it

  • Now right click, and a window will open 

  • Go to " send to " 

  • Drag your mouse to the right and another box will open

  • Now drag it over to where it says " compressed Zipped Folders" and let go of the mouse. It is now Zipped

  • The zipped folder will show up at the bottom of the page in a folder called the same as the pet. 

  • You now have a zipped folder to send in your emails and also you still have the pet Unzipped. 

I hope you have found it to be of some help.  I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your computer, this is the way I zip files for my computer and it works fine.  If you still need help, e-mail me and I will try to help you with your problem.