Guess the Breedz, Petz 5

 Try your luck and see if you can guess the breedz in these pets.
If you guess correctly you win the pet!!

This is Belinda D
she has two breedz in her
Hint: Breedz not from game
  F---- Dane and A---- Dane

This is Jake
he has 2 breeds for the 
original game

this is Zip C
He has 2 breeds from the game

This is Muffin
He has 3 breedz
one from the game

Tzu is in the name
Winter is in the name

This is Roblo
He has 3 breedz
2 from the game

This is Candi C
She has 2 breedz in her

This is Cassie C
She has 3 breedz in her

Just email me at the top of the page and win these petz !!