Clothes for Petz 3-4-5
by Minibyte

Each download comes with a .bmp
showing how these clothes will appear.

  Clothes need to be unzipped into the Resource/Clothes folder.
  For overwriting files, make sure to save your original somewhere before unzipping.


Egyptian outfit-3
Egyptian outfit-4
Egyptian outfit-5

Demon Costume-3
Demon Costume-4
Demon Custume-5

Good Witch Costume-3
Good Witch Costume-4
Good Witch Costume-5


Witch outfit-4

swim wear-3
swim wear-4
swim wear-5


Jacket petz      3--------- 4 -------5

Dress Petz      3 ----        4  -----         5----

Petz ------3  --------4   --------5

VPZ's  overwriting Saddle
Saddle overwrites Cowboy hat

Petz 5 only

permission by Minibyte and Sue


Alina Mau's Christmas Hat
on shelf the hat looks like the pink flower hat

Christmas Hat

Alina Mau's Soft Sweater and Pants
on shelf the sweater is a black sweater -----on shelf and the pants are princess pants :

Soft Pants                            Soft Sweater