Misc Cat Breedz for Petz 5

Breedz sent in by the Pet Community
PCC takes no credit or responsibility for these breeds,
download at your own risk.  If there is a breed
 on this page that should not be- please let me know NICELY

Download at your own risk

Hexed by Raven--Rainbow Persian Hexer Darkmoon--Fireball Coon---petz 5 Breeder Cinny -PPK Flare Russian Cat
Breeder Cinny -BC-PPK Spotted Russian- Breeder Cinny BC-PPK Rottweiler Shorthair Breeder Ellyd--Cream Persian
Breeder Ellyd--Golrown Kitty Hexer Chinny--PPK Xmas Cat Hexer Chinny BC-PPK Protopet
Hexer Justine--Nova J Hexer Alian Mau-Mage Cat Breeder Justine- Persian V2 Petz 5 -
Hexer Laura -O'Malley Hexer Laura--Spotted Russians" Hexer Cinny-PPK Maroon Russian

Hexer Cinny- PPK Russian Hexer Cat--Google Eyed Russian Blue Hexer Cat--- Ice Cream Cone
Hexer Rachel T--Easter Cat Hexer Cat-Carissa-White Tabby Hexer Chloe & Alex- Fro Cat
Hexer Alina Mau-  Blue chocolate Mau   bluchomae bmp -zip Hexer Alina Mau-  Mistafyr-mistafry bmp zip Hexer Alina Mau-  Si Paint--spray .bmp  zip

Hexer Alina Mau- white Russian  white russian .bmp zip Hexer Alina Mau-  Fae Glitter Hexer Alina Mau- Demon Cali
Hexer AlinaMau Mau-Fluffy Bear Zip Hexer Julia-fairy floss  .cat
Hexer Raven B-   RatCat

Hexer Alina Mau- Snickerdoodle