Absolutely Adorable
Moo'chew and Meko
born around April 20,2007
we got them May 22,2007


This is little Moo'chew and Meko, they are Yellow Hats babies

M&M's Parents
Yellow Hat &
Big Daddy

Yellow Hat is a feral cat that we have been feeding for around 6 months. Four weeks ago she had a litter of kittens under the neighbors porch. They have a Boxer who was going nuts because he knew something was under there. They took the boards out and found the kittens, Yellow Hat ran away. The little kittens have a bad virus and their little eyes and nose were all plugged up and they couldn't open their eyes. We took them to the vets this morning and got medicine for them. I cleaned out their eyes and little noses and they are feeling much better tonight. We have been feeding them with an eye dropper and they are getting much stronger as the day went on.

Our precious little kittens are doing so well. They are eating from a spoon now and are totally litter trained. I feed them every four hours now. I mix kitten formula and real Turkey baby food and they love it. We also bought some food by Royal Canin  called Baby Cat. It is tiny little pieces and they started eating it right away. They have had 2 vet visits so far and will be going again this Friday.


Meko getting a nice warm towel bath-- she loves it and just lays back and enjoys it !

June 5, 2007
They are growing up soooo fast, they are such beautiful little girls!

Meko playing in a Coffee Box, 6 weeks


Meko playing Peek-a-Boo                       Moo'chew with her first mouse!

Beautiful Meko!                                                  Our babies are growing-10 weeks 


Moo'chew-10 weeks

Meko-10 weeks

Moo'chew 10 weeks                                              
Moo'chew 5 months        


Meko 5 months                                                            Meko 7 months


Meko & Moo'chew playing (7 months) 

Meko 8 months, watching her mommy under the porch with her  new sister. Wonder if she knows if that is her real mommy?


Majestic Meko 8 months                                                                                            Gorgeous Meko

Huggy Moo'chew playing Peek a Boo - 10 months old   Moo'chew comfy on our bed   

Moo'chew 11 months                                                                                          Meko 1 year , what beautiful clear eyes! 



Meko April 2008                                                                                        Meko 14 months 


Meko 2 yrs

Beautiful Meko

Moo'chew and buddy 2 1/2


Moo'chew  7 yrs.


Meko and Moo'chew 7 yrs.

Today April 28, 2020 is a sad day at Pineconecattery.  Moo'chew crossed the Rainbow bridge this morning at about 6:30

She had just turned 13 years old 8 days ago.