Play Scenes-   Petz  3- 4-5
made by Minibyte

Petz 4 playscenes often have to be ran through
APKC's converter to make them show up
 or bring in the sounds.


Fairy Castle-petz 3    Fairy Castle-petz 4

Fairy Castle 5


The Haunting Halloween Play scene
includes Jack O 'Lantern for petz 3 only,
but the play scene is for 3  -4- and 5

by Minibyte

Haunting petz-3    Haunting petz-4    Haunting petz-5



And underwater play ground for your petz
oceans sounds included

by Minibyte

Seascape -3    Seascape -4    Seascape -5


McGregor's Garden

Petz 5 only