Beautiful Lucy

June of 2005---March 23, 2007

Beautiful Lucy

Pretty girl

Darling Lucy looks just like a kitty we had years ago.  She simple came strolling up to the house and decided she liked it here and walked in as though she owned the place.  She acts as though she has always known us and has always lived here. 

She is very active and gets along so well with most of the other cats.  She is not aggressive and never gets upset if one of the other cat hisses at her.  She just walks away as if to say "hiss if you want,  I'm still staying here! "    She is so friendly and likes everybody. 

Happy Lucy at 6 months

Love this top perch!

I'll have Mouse ala mode for breakfast please !

Lucy's play Korner on the porch


Sad news
We lost our precious Lucy today.
She had surgery to repair her shoulder and her heart stopped right after the surgery. We will miss you soooo much Lucy. Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge !