Tutorial on Stuck Pregnancies


Unsticking Pregnancies   

Copy all your Petz (except for the stuck one) to a new folder - you don't
have to do this but you need to remember to play with all your petz or they will
start feeling neglected.


Open the Petz program and bring out your stuck pet. Play with her for a minute.
Put her back (don't close the program)


Double click on the clock in the windows status.


Change the date to one year ahead and apply the change.


Bring out the stuck pet. The birth certificate should pop up. If not, put
her back (don't close the program) and repeat step 3 and 4. Bring her back out.
This time it should work. It may take a few times,

Please be very careful when you do this as you can really mess up your game and computer.

Do this at your own risk!!