How to time forward correctly

Procedure for time forwarding babies in Petz 5
Written by Julie, from Jinx Fold

You need the brainslider for this

This issue keeps coming up...some people are time forwarding incorrectly and having trouble with their game so I thought I'd give a little information from Ratqueen.

Procedure for time forwarding babies in Petz 5
You need the brainslider for this

1. Mate the parents. Close the game. Take all petz except the expectant mother out of the Adopted Petz folder. Make a copy of the expectant mother and paste it into a different folder. (VERY IMPORTANT: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP OF THE MOTHER!)

2. Open the game. Before taking out the mother, set your computer clock ahead four days (or a week, if it's easier to remember...) Take out the mother. She will have her babies.

3. Name the babies. Using the brainslider, set each baby's age to 12. (You can use a higher number, but every baby has to have the same age or the mother will corrupt, and 12 is the age at which the babies leave their mother.) Leave the nursery.

4. Take out the mother. The babies will separate from the mother. Leave the nursery again. Set your computer clock back to the correct date. Close the game.

5. Open the game again and the mother and babies will all be selectable. (You can take the babies out separately during step 4, but there's a bug in the game that creates multiple copies of the babies' files and that can get confusing.)

By following these steps you get instant gratification *and* your clock doesn't get screwed up! Hope this helps.