TUTORIAL/HOW TO unzip e-mailed files

I have been asked many times from  people who are new to the petz game how to use the zipped petz files when e-mailed.  This tutorial is written for Microsoft Windows OS, and may not work if you are using other operating  systems. I am writing this to help those people who are using the same system as me.   I use win zip to unzip files, if you  don't have it you can download it here.  www.winzip.com    This is the way I put emailed (zipped files) into my petz game. Make sure your game is OFF,  and that you are sure the file is for the right game, If its for Catz 4 it won't work on Catz 5 and the same for the Dogz.     (  I take no responsibility if it causes any problems with your computer or game, I'm only trying to help you, and as I say this is what I do .) 

The way I do it if the pet was sent as an attachment in the e-mail, and was zipped.

  • Click on the attachment
  • click save attachment
  • save attachment box opens
  • Go down to browse button, click
  • find the folder you  wish to save it in such as a temp folder, select the folder, go  up and click save,
  • Now the pet is in your temp folder
  • open up Windows Explorer
  • click on my computer
  • click on your c- drive
  • click temp folder (if that's where you put it)
  • look for the pet in your temp folder 
  • if zipped double right click ----box opens go down to extract and click
  • box will open say next
  • click browse button (little box opens)
  • click on my computer
  • c-drive
  • programs files
  • Ubi soft
  • studio mythos
  • pets 5, or whatever game your running
  • adopted pets
  • say ok
  • say next
  • say finish
   Your pet should be in the adopted file and should come out if you have the breed files .

I hope this works for you and you have found it to be of some help. If you still need help, e-mail me and I will try to help you with your problem. judyatpineconecatterydotcom