Wild Breedz
Cat Based 

for Petz 3-4- and 5

These breedz were all made by Vickie's Petz Zoo
and are here with her permission

 Vickie's Forest Folks

In the forest dwells a little society of animals ranging from the smallest to the more moderate in size.  These animals can be dressed up or left "naked" and are designed for story telling and/or possibly role play.  They are made from the original PFM balls, so movement can look odd at times (especially ears and tails), but overall, they move quite well for bipeds, something the game was not really designed for. ;-)  Enough variations were added for interest but not so many to discourage breeding for fun new combos or color mutations.

Bobcat Folks

Download Bobcat Folk Petz 5
Uses" B&W Shorthair"  sounds from Carolyn Creations

Chipmunk Folk

Download Chipmunk folk Petz 5

Uses" PF Mice " sounds from Carolyn Creations

Rat Folks

Download Rat Folks Pet 5
Rodent sounds Carolyn Creations

Rabbit Folks

Download Rabbit Folks Petz 5
uses Cotton "bunny sounds" from Carolyn Creation

Mole Folk

Download Mole Folk Petz 5

Mouse Folk

Download Mouse Folk Petz 5
Uses" PF Mice " sounds from Carolyn Creation

Fox Folk

download Fox Folk Petz 5